Turkish Tea + Baklava


Turkish Tea + Baklava

Join our weekly workshop in Richmond to enjoy hot Turkish tea and original delicious Turkish baklava at our studio in Richmond. If you fancy, take part in our best-selling mosaic lamp workshop to create your very own mosaic lamp!

The Workshop 

During our two-hour workshop, you will learn the techniques of creating stunning Islamic geometric patterns using specially cut and stained mosaic glass tiles to create your very own Turkish mosaic lamp.

While you enjoy our complimentary Turkish afternoon tea service, we will guide you through every step of making these dazzling light ornaments that once lit up the Ottoman palaces, giving a magical ambience and glow to your home.

Our workshops are held at The Stables in Richmond, located in the centre of Melbourne’s creative precinct. The workshop will begin at 11 am. 

Indulge in true Anatolian hospitality as you enjoy unleash your inner creativity! 

If you do not wish to take part in our mosaic lamp workshop, you can simply sip on Turkish tea and enjoy your delicious baklava. If you wish to partake in our mosaic lamp workshop, you may choose from the following options: 

Mosaic Candle Holder $79 

Mosaic Table Lamp $129

Mosaic Swan Lamp $139 

Please contact anatoliaartstudio@gmail.com or visit www.anatoliaartstudio.com for more details. 

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